Our rates are simple:

$25 to mix a song

Basic mixing includes:

• Track editing (cleaning excessive noise, fade-in’s and fade-out’s)
• Modest effects will be applied as necessary (delay, reverb, bass enhancers, etc.. No vocal tuning)
• Mixing Techniques (Track EQ-ing, Compression, Volume Balancing, Track Automation
• one revision is included

Mixing Philosophy #1
With technology moving at a rapid rate of change, it is common for home studio enthusiasts to compromise quality. Our all-digital Presonus StudioLive 32.4.2AI mixer is fully integrated with Logic Pro. That means we do not use our mixer as a big showboat device to take selfies in front of. Each channel on our software is exported to each fader on our mixer. We prefer analog style, real-time mixing. Not taking anything away from people who choose to bounce mixes to stereo tracks, but there is something to be said about listening while mixing down your project to ensure the sound is of pristine quality with the warmth that only real-time mixing can provide.

Mixing Philosophy #2
When I think about mixing a multi-track arrangement, I like to use the analogy of a busy multilane freeway. These lanes have to merge into two, the left and right outputs of our stereo mix. It’s my job, as the Mixing Engineer, to direct this traffic. It’s not an easy task. Things I watch out for are bottlenecking due to competing levels and competing frequencies, and we have to do this all in a way that sounds like music.

Once complete, I will provide ONE sample of the mix for approval and will make any changes at that time. I will then provide a sample with those changes for reference. Further changes will incur additional fees.

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